Our Book Chat on Comprehension and Collaboration: Inquiry Circles in Action by Stephanie Harvey and Harvey Daniels got many of our #1stchat friends thinking about how to provide more opportunities for inquiry in our classrooms.  Before, during and after our weekly book chats we continued to share resources and ideas on Twitter using the #1stchat hash tag.  

Some teachers were already using the to share "wonders" with their students.  A few teachers had done "Wonder Wednesdays" with their students last year.  "What does Wonder Wednesday look like in your classroom?" was a question that starting appearing in the Twitterverse. One of our #1stchat teachers, Amy Rudd, created a Google Document to help us keep track of how we wanted to roll-out the Wonder Wednesday routine to our students while incorporating some of our new learning.  We encourage you to add your ideas and resources to this document.  We hope you'll find it to be a helpful resource as you continue to create places of wonder in your classrooms this year.  Here is the link to Amy's Wonder Wednesday Planning Sheet.

Thanks Amy for creating this helpful document!

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