Monday, June 17, 2013

Math Chat #1stchat Style!

All of us here cannot say enough good things about our PLN on Twitter.  I look forward to every Sunday to chat with my awesome teachers at #1stchat.  They all motivate and inspire me to reflect on my teaching and become better every day.  We have covered so many topics throughout the school year.  Now #1stchat is officially on a summer break, however, many of us continue to discuss what's on our mind on Twitter (of course, for some of you the school year is not over yet!).

A week or so ago, some of us started talking about math apps and math instructions in general.  I felt a need to organize a chat to discuss math further.  However, we all have a busy schedule during summer, so I've decided to have an on-going chat on Padlet. We have never done this before, but why not give it a try?? 

Please use your Twitter handle as a name on your post (with @).  If you want to ask a question to a specific person, you can post it on the wall or tweet the question by clicking on the post.  

Again, this is totally new, and I don't know how it works... but let's see what kind of ideas we will gather here!

Leka DeGroot (@slfirstgrade)