Saturday, January 12, 2013

Welcome to our new blog!

As I was reading through my Twitter feed the other day, I was marveling at the #Kinderchat and #NerdyBookClub posts from each of their blogs. How incredible to have a place where "members" can all share their thoughts, ideas, and passion in a longer format! And then I started wondering why #1stchat couldn't do the same thing, so I immediately emailed my wonderful co-host Val... and our blog was born.

We can make this our own, in any way we'd like. My original idea was to have guest posts, similar to how other group blogs do it. However, I am open to any and all ideas from our amazing PLN! As people begin using our blog, I'm sure we will come up with new ways and new ideas to add to it. We will still keep our wiki up and running, as that is a great place for people to contribute and find our archives.

If you are interested in contributing posts to our blog, please fill out this form (which is also linked at the top of our blog.) You'll be contacted via Twitter or email with more specifics on how to submit your finished piece(s.)

Yay!! I'm super excited to get this new ball rolling! I hope you'll join in the fun of stretching our thinking, improving our teaching craft, and connecting with other professionals in the name of learning.

~Laura Komos


  1. Laura,
    This is so exciting! It is such an honor to co-host #1stchat with you each week. I'm looking forward to viewing all the helpful and thought provoking information that I anticipate taking place on this blog by our amazing PLN a.k.a #1stchat friends.

    1. I agree, Val! We are lucky to have each other, as well as our brilliant friends in #1stchat. I hope we can further inspire and challenge each other's thinking through conversations here, in addition to our weekly chats.

  2. Thank you both for taking the PLN of #1stchat to another level! I am so excited to learn from all of the amazingly talented teachers who participate in 1stchat via this blog!
    Thanks Val and Laura for starting it up! Woo-hoo!

  3. Thanks, Amy! We're looking forward to continued learning together.

  4. Great idea! Thanks for taking this on.

  5. I think it's great, too. I'm always look for ways to be a better 1st grade teacher - since I'm new at it. I've learned a lot through #kinderchat as an ECE teacher. Thanks for getting the ball rolling here!

  6. Thanks, Lora and Scott! We hope you'll join in the conversations we hope to host here. Your voices are always welcome!